Tracking FFMPEG job progress in Deadline

Hello! Running a lot of batch jobs with ffmpeg plugin in Deadline. All working great but there’s no progress tracking (not super major, but would be helpful to find stalled jobs).

I totally remember reading something about how to fix this on the forums… but my searches don’t seem to be turning it up.

I’m still fairly new to Deadline plugin creation, would love some help adding this though if possible.


FFmpeg reports progress on the StdErr stream during encoding, via the frame=? and time=? output.

I’ve found it easiest in the past to query all input streams via ffprobe to get metadata (including duration in frames) and use the “current frame” from the encoding status to calculate progress.

As for setting the progress of the worker’s current task, I believe you’re after Deadline.Plugins.DeadlinePlugin.SetProgress

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