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Type initializer for Deadline.Applications.IdentityContext threw an exception

We updated our clientkeymol.pfx file and now some win10 machines have working deadline_monitor apps, and others throw this error:
“The Monitor was unable to connect to the specified server (example:4433(clientkeymol.pfx)). The type initializer for Deadline.Applications.IdentityContext threw an exception”

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I’ve tried turning the firewall off. I’ve tried removing registry keys. I’ve tried copying configs from working instances to broken instances. I’ve copy/pasted the password on broken and working instances. I’ve identified the sha256 hash of the clientkeymol.pfx and confirmed it’s the same on all. All to no avail.

The error box is a “Repository Connection Error”
Any suggestions are super appreciated.

i’m not sure what that file is, but are the permissions correct on it? I’ve had issues where the copy pasted keys lose their permissions

@anthony. Thanks for the reply.
I believe the permissions are ok for the clientkeymol.pfx file (an encryption certificate, that changes with different remote server connections, I believe), but I’m taking your advice and looking at permissions as a possible cause of my problem.

I can’t remember entirely what the setting were, but I think I’ve come across this before, as well as using the wrong certificate for the wrong thing too! Always worth putting a ticket in with support@ if you haven’t already.

Just a thought. On windows, there is a C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Thinkbox\Deadline10 folder. Have you tried deleting (or renaming) that folder? IIRC, that folder does not get deleted if you uninstall.

After we upgraded from 10.1.19 to 10.1.23, a few days later my monitor console starting displaying warn/error messages (honestly can’t remember what it was), but I renamed the Deadline10 folder to Deadline10_092022 and re-launched monitor (a new Deadline10 folder will be created) . So far no more warn/errors in the monitor console.

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