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Unreal Sequencer Submission Plugin?

Just a quick note here :wink: Is there any devellopment toward an UE4 submission plugin ?

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Sequencer you say? I think you’re the first to ask. We have Swarm and Engine plugins. Is Sequencer yet another binary?

Any details on how your workflow can be run from the command line? That’s usually our starting point.

Well sorry for the misunderstanding, I was referring to simply rendering a batch of sequences.

  1. You already have the plugin for that, it’s the “Submit Unreal Engine Job”, the problem is we don’t have as far as I know, a submitter plugin in the Unreal Editor, like selecting we have in Houdini for example.
    I assume the command line are thoses

  2. Now in Unreal we have “Master Sequences” versus “Level Sequences”
    A master sequence refers multiples level sequences, ideally we should be able to submit that one with deadline, triggering the render of the whole project :wink:

Here’s a detailed explanation
I was referring to submitting a “master sequence” into multiple “level sequence” jobs

This sounds like a great candidate for the “Feature Requests” section I set up this week. I’ll move it over wholesale and inform the right folks. I can’t promise anything but we’ll at least have it logged.

Re-reading your original post, I think the problem is on my side. :smiley:

I also get a lot of requests for an Unreal integrated submitter, I’ll see if I can get any interested people to email in or add to this thread

This is something we would have found useful and potentially would in the future. Having just finished a large project rendered in Unreal I needed to write a submitter for the artists that did the actual Deadline submission to simplify it. Overall it was frustrating both how closed Unreal was to reporting updates on the command line (progress being the obvious one) and how limited we were with the control over the sequencer from the command line (frame ranges). Those are both Unreal issues though as opposed to Deadline limitations I think.

that would be great ! any news on that ?

Is there a new plugin for Unreal Engine coming? This is from the 4.26 preview release notes, but I can’t find any reference to it anywhere else…

  • High Quality Media Export (HQME) Workflow Improvements . Several workflow improvements were made to HQME including: support for Final Cut Pro XML ELDs; open Color IO integration; run-time support for implementation into users’ projects; and support for the render farm plug-in Deadline on the Epic Marketplace.

Can’t tell you how useful this would be right now…

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