Upgrade repository


Need a bit of help here, either I forgot something or…
But before when there is a new version out I just install new deadline repository on top of the old location and everything is updated.
Now last two versions I’m trying to install and nothing is changed.
I install deadline repository from my server machine to location on NAS where is everything setup.
All installation finishes nicely.
but when I connect slaves to it it still says that repository is same old version even tho I just installed
Am I missing something here?>


Have you tried restarting the slave?


yes, I didn’t restart server tho… but that shouldn’t be the issue as install is on NAS and all… but will try restarting server as well, but slaves are all restarted…


Jus t reisntalled repository all together and veryhting is back working now. Unless I now got this stuck at 100% slave business but… will sort that out on another thread. thanks