Using Deadline with 3ds max


Completely newbie here, was wondering can anyone point me in the right direction of using deadline with 3ds max? currently i am using backburner but cant seem to find a good tutorial on how to submit a job from max to deadline and rendering with vray. any help would be appreciated. trying to compare bb and deadline to make a recommendation to one company i work with



Have you installed the integrated 3ds Max to Deadline submitter script (“Submit Max To Deadline”, a.k.a. “SMTD”) already?
If you have not done so, you should start with that.

The topic … s-max.html
gives you an overview of the 3ds Max integration - you can submit jobs using SMTD, save a Max scene and submit directly from the Deadline Monitor (not recommended because the job won’t have any knowledge of the scene’s content), or load SMTD’s functions as a custom submitter in Grant Adam’s RPM (Render Pass Manager). For more advanced users, we have tutorials about scripting custom submitters based on the SMTD functions, for example batch-submitting all scenes from a folder, or simulating a FumeFX job on Deadline…

The SMTD installation instructions are on the same page, here: … ript-setup
We provide an automatic installer which makes a menu for you. Or you can install manually if you prefer.

Once you have SMTD installed, you can look through its (plenty of) options and try submitting with default settings first, then massage the settings to your liking. At that point, if you have any specific questions about specific features, please feel free to ask in this thread, or consult the documentation first.

Note that SMTD captures all settings of most 3ds Max renderers including V-Ray as extra properties which will be available in the job’s Properties dialog under the “3ds Max” tab, so after submitting a job, you can modify its settings if you forgot to change some option in the scene. For example, if you submitted with GI enabled but you wanted it to be off, you can go into the Job Properties and do that without resubmitting - just requeue the job.


Hi no i just saw this will try to install to test it see how it works and arrange a small skype screen share session with you guys maybe


Hi, I’m also getting using Deadline in 3ds Max. I’ve hit a snag because the SMTD script isn’t running, and so no Deadline option on menu.

I’ve got in the start-up folder here:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018\scripts\Startup

Deadline3dsMaxClient.mcr copied here(via auto installer)
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018\MacroScripts

I’ve run the script from inside 3ds Max, too. No luck. I’m wondering where the issue is and can’t find any leads…

Thanks for any help!