Using the shipped shotgun_api3 from within a render plugin or pre/post script?

Is there a surefire way to import the deadline shipped shotgun_api3 from within a pre/postjob or a render plugin?

I know it’s static dir on the repository, is that always copied over to the render worker, is there a stable way to get this?

Looks like the Shotgun Event plugin does it like this:

def ConfigureShotgun( self ):
    shotgunPath = RepositoryUtils.GetAPISyncFolder()

    if not os.path.exists( shotgunPath ):
        self.LogInfo( "ERROR: Could not find Shotgun API at expected location '%s'" % shotgunPath )
        return ""
    self.LogInfo( "Importing Shotgun API from '%s'..." % shotgunPath )
    if not shotgunPath in sys.path:
        sys.path.append( shotgunPath )
        #do a test import
        import shotgun_api3.shotgun
        return shotgunPath
        self.LogInfo( "An error occurred while trying to connect to Shotgun:" )
        self.LogInfo( traceback.format_exc() )
    return ""

The key component seemingly GetAPISyncFolder.

However, if you’re interested in getting updates and whatnot, you might want to lean towards bundling your own:


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