V-ray DBR off-load questions

Hi there!

We use deadline for producing large still images with V-ray. Now, we are moving from tile rendering to DBR off-load and I have a couple questions:

  1. Our workstations joins the render farm when Idle, and leave it when the user is back so some computers join and leaves the jobs randomly. In case all machines are together in the same job, and the machine running the task 0 (the master-slave) leaves the job, all the other machines stays waiting until a new computer joins to take care of the task 0. In that case I manually restart any worker so it takes the task 0 and resume the render.
    Is there a way to automatize this? To detect and prevent the task 0 to be NOT assigned to a computer while any other task of the job is running. Like a critical priority among tasks.

  2. The progress bar of the Job doesn’t show the render progress correctly, since only the task 0 progress is relevant. Is there a way to replace the job progress for its task 0 progress?

Thank you!

Any thoughts on this?

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