VRay DBR won't start


We’ve downloaded Deadline 10 to give it a test and see if we can kick Backburner out the window. So far so good except VRay DBR (off-load). When we submit, the main machine (not one specified as a DR machine) gets the job but doesn’t start Max, and the DR machine starts Max but does nothing. Am I missing something here?



If you are using the “3dsmax” plugin, then the master machine (the Slave that picks up TaskId:0), will require to pull a GUI-workstation license of 3dsMax.

To avoid this, use the “3dsCmd” plugin which you can enforce by enabling the checkbox called: “Use 3dsCmd Plugin” in the SMTD UI:
docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/produ … ns-rollout

or submit via Deadline Monitor -> using the “3dsCmd” submitter and NOT the “3dsmax” submitter.

Also, please note the newer “Dynamic Start” feature, as explained here:
docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/produ … f-load-dbr

(FYI: The “3dsCmd” plugin in Deadline is 99.9% similar to the Backburner way of working whereas the “3dsmax” plugin in Deadline is way more-advanced via SMTD). The new DL10 workflows is proving very popular:
docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/produ … tml#ds-max

(We have a few more workflows we are working on as well)


I tried both 3dsCmd and the regular submission with Dynamic Start on and i’m still having the same problem - the master machine it’s sent to just never kicks the render off.


Can you double-check you have met all the criteria to allow this system to work on this machine?
docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/produ … f-load-dbr
and if still not working, please can you post the Slave log from this troublesome machine as it will indicate at what point is it getting stuck. Perhaps, it is a generic 3ds Max issue and nothing to do with DBR.


I’ve uploaded a rather boring video, and uploaded the log:


dropbox.com/s/n92g5gjqcybvq … x.zip?dl=0


The issue here is that as you are using the “3dsCmd” plugin in Deadline and NOT the “3dsmax” plugin, then you need to make sure that you have enabled: “Dynamic Start” in the “3dsCmd” plugin configuration. Your Slave logs show this line, showing it is currently disabled (by default):

Go to here: docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/produ … figuration

and scroll down until you get to this setting:

V-Ray DBR Off-Load Rendering
Dynamic Start: If enabled, a V-Ray DBR off-load job will start rendering immediately after TaskId=0 (master machine) has started rendering. With V-Ray v3.2 (min SP2) onwards, slaves dequeuing tasks of this job will start participating in the ongoing render when V-Ray re-scans it’s *.cfg file on the master machine. Default: False.

and set it to TRUE.

Additionally, as you only have 2 x Deadline Slaves, there is little point in sending a DBR job with more than 2 x tasks in total, as the first task will be the MASTER and the 2nd task will be your spare slave machine. Any other additional tasks will not be used.


Brilliant! That did it.