Vray Spawner Monitor Submission plugin for Max2022 + Vray5 DBR

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to get the Vray Spawner monitor submission plugin up and running for max2022 and vray5.

Unfortunately I only see support up to max2020 in the plugin configuration panel?.. the plugin installer from the latest repository also only contains options for anything up to max2020.

As a workaround I’ve hijacked the max2020’s Vray Spawner.exe and linked to the vray5 Spawner in max2022 bin directory instead. Although this works it’s probably not the most elegant solution for this…

Any hint on how to get max2022 on to the list of the Vray Spawner Monitor Submission plugin would be very helpful.

kind regards,

You can modify the configuration at plugins\VraySpawner\VraySpawner.param and add an entry for [VRaySpawnerExecutable_Max2022]

Hi and thanks for your quick reply.

Following your description I managed to create another parameter for max2022. However it will not show up within the Vray Spawner Job Submission menu. It still only contains all versions up to 2020…?

Is there another parameter I need to change in order for max2022 to become a valid option in the job submission dropdown menu?

best regards,

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