VRay zip file installation - submit to deadline with env vars


I have a bat file that i use to startup Maya with different version of vray etc. which sets the env vars up. When i submit to Deadline 10 it errors as obviously it can’t find the plugins as the env vars aren’t being set.

Do i set the bat file as a Maya 2018 render executable in configure plugins?
Is there an example bat or python wrapper file that i can take a look at online somewhere as i still cant get that to work when it tries to render the file.


Having a batch file wrap Maya? Yeah, this is a good example: (that apparently I upvoted before!)

To be a bit more obvious, your batch file should look like:

set VAR1=something
set VAR2=otherthing

C:\Program Files\Path\To\MayaBatch.exe %*

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got one for “MayaBatch.exe” and one for “Render.exe”.