Wait and Resume Tasks from ManagedProcess

Hello there!
I am beginner in pipeline development for Houdini + Deadline 10 and basically I would like to know the best way to pause tasks on license error, make them wait until a certain criteria is met and then resume them (via python ManagedProcess).

At the moment, I have a custom Houdini Deadline plugin as ManagedProcess from which I can catch license errors via StdoutHandlerCallback in python. However I don’t know how to suspend the specific tasks which are raising that license error and schedule those tasks for later. We don’t want to suspend and re-schedule the entire job, because there could be other tasks that are rendering properly. Is it possible to achieve this behaviour per task?

I am reaching the point that it might be needed a secondary script running as a deamon querying the number of Houdini available licenses and suspending/resuming houdini tasks if possible, but I was wondering if we could avoid this approach.

Thank you in advance!


Which licenses are you using? It’s a bit of a moving target like that so there’s no easy way to do this.

If you’re just using Engine licenses then use a ‘limits’ feature to make sure any jobs running on any nodes only use the licenses available.


If you’re trying to be smart and use the full licenses while they’re not in use you’ll likely end up annoying artists as they can’t get a license.


Yes, we are using Engine licenses.
Limits seem like the better option, thanks for the feedback!

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