When are we going to get a houdini version of krakatoa?


When are we going to get a houdini version of krakatoa?

Autodesk has stopped development on their software a long time ago. I’m sick of seeing single-threaded shit going on.

You have exceptionally well-crafted software. I grew up with Max, but I had to give it up when they could no longer compete.
Believe me, it took a long time.

I have switched over to Houdini. It was rough, but I appreciate the extra power it gives.
I want to continue to use Krakatoa, because it is the best render engine for my style.

When can I use this in houdini, straight-out-of-the-box?



This is a great idea, but it is not something we are looking at in the immediate future. We currently have a Houdini PRT exporter, which I know is not what you are asking for, but it may get you part of the way there.


Hi Conrad,

I am very much aware of the Houdini PRT exporter. You could say that for the moment it is getting me all of the way there.
It is absolutely appreciated and getting solid use (some Houdini wizards I work with cooked up a version that supports partitioning…the exports are slow, but everything behaves exactly as desired).
Honestly, I just really want to get rid of the slow export step. Everything else that Krakatoa provides for the Max crowd (edit: in terms of workflow) can be handled in vops with no additional work needed from Thinkbox.

I apologize for being rude in my last post. It is just frustrating to see two tools that seem to be built for one other go so long without a fully supported link.