Where is configuration data stored?

I’m looking to programatically set certain settings:

  • The settings of a plugin (ex: Add a path to the Maya Render executables)
  • Settings for a script menu item (ex: Set the icon)
  • Add additional python search paths (repo settings)

Is there a way to do this?

Hey @Jesse

The only one that lives in a nice write-able text file are your first point. Every plugin has a .param file in DeadlineRepository10/plugins/<pluginname>. The format is really consistent, so maybe you could make some sort of a parser.

The rest live in the database I assume, as they aren’t in a nice discoverable text file.

I’d love to know why you’re looking to do this though, how often are you setting up repositories?


Just some background on this.

The param file is for defaults, so once Deadline’s populated the defaults it won’t make much difference.

The API doesn’t support making plugin changes. At the moment there’s no way to layer security on who is allowed to make plugin changes. For example, we disable the command line plugin on a new install, but that access would allow scripts running as any user to re-enable it. I’ve brought it up internally before but it’s dependent on a sort of security layer. I’m neither sure nor can share where that’s at though.

I’ve added the ask to our tracking issue however!

We would like to do this because we want to distribute a ‘plugin’ (really just a collection of scripts, etc…) and make installation as easy as possible for the end-user.

What about the second two items (script menu and python search paths)? Anything available to programatically do that?



It’s the same situation unfortunately. The end user will need to follow a README.