Where to start Cinema 4D rendering?

Hi All, need some basic help, if there are any links that I missed to help me, that would be great. Basically we have a company that does some Cinema 4D work. i /we have no idea where to even start with buying cloud computing to time to render our projects faster. Basically I get it, upload our files, have the cloud render the frames and create images for us to download. But I am not sure what I need or where to start?

Any help to get me started with this would be much appreciated. Thank you

(updated to add some more helpful info)

Hey Lars!

The AWS Portal doesn’t provide C4D AMIs at the moment so you would have to build your own and manage the infrastructure there. The Deadline AWS Portal requires you to have a server and farm configured locally (sometimes this can be done on your workstation). An alternative would be to create a full “studio in the cloud” if that’s something you’re interested in.

I think this may all be more than you’re able to commit to at the moment, but if you have follow up questions, feel free to ask!

There is a good video (a bit dated) on how to get started with AWS Portal here:

I’d say if you’re new to Deadline, try running it on two machines locally for free to get a feel for it before making an AWS account: