Which linux distro / version & mongoDB version for Deadline 10?

Hi guys;

Just starting a fresh install of Deadline Server 10, and I just want to know what are your recommendations on linux distro / version and mongoDB version.
The online documentation says: “Please ensure the MongoDB version is minimum 3.2.12 and maximum 3.6.21
This is still true?

Thanks for all the info in advance.

This is wrong, I noticed this. The release notes are different to the documentation and should show mongo 4 is preferred.

As far as Linux distros go of use whatever you’re used to. Loads of people still using EOL Centos 7 and older Ubuntu but I’ve run on centos 8 and latest Ubuntu no problems too.

Thanks @anthonygelatka . I will try Ubuntu 20 & mongoDB 4.2.X.

We recommend updating your MongoDB database to the latest available 4.2.X version for the latest security/performance updates and bug fixes.

I like Centos 7. … probably needs selinux set to permissive.

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