Windows Max V-Ray Phoenix custom AMI?


Anyone know:
Is it possible to customize a stock (Deadline) Windows+Max+VRay AMI ? Following the instructions in the docs, I can only find Maya or Modo AMIs to start with when searching under “357466774442” as owner.
Lacking this (due to licensing reasons, I presume), would it be possible for Thinkbox to please add in PhoenixFD for rendering on VRay instances? And, soon (!)? I have a heavy workload of fire and liquid sims coming up.
This seems to be the only error I have left to resolve; all my other renderings are working well via AWS. Here’s part of a recent (failed) job report:

2018/12/01 17:22:24 INF: [03136] [04104] [V-Ray] Host is 3ds Max, version 21

2018/12/01 17:22:24 INF: [03136] [04104] [V-Ray] V-Ray DLL version is 4.02.04

2018/12/01 17:22:24 DBG: [03136] [04104] Interface8::LoadFromFile(C:/Windows/ServiceProfiles/NetworkService/AppData/Local/Thinkbox/Deadline10/slave/ip-0a802e2c/jobsData/5c02a4dd2addab3370efb735/Phx_LiquidTest_02.max)

2018/12/01 17:22:24 INF: [03136] [04104] Starting to load file: C:/Windows/ServiceProfiles/NetworkService/AppData/Local/Thinkbox/Deadline10/slave/ip-0a802e2c/jobsData/5c02a4dd2addab3370efb735/Phx_LiquidTest_02.max

2018/12/01 17:22:24 WRN: [03136] [04104] Missing dll: mrmaterialattribs.gup - mental ray: Displacement Custom Attributes

2018/12/01 17:22:24 WRN: [03136] [04104] Missing dll: phoenixfd.dlr - LiquidSim

2018/12/01 17:22:24 WRN: [03136] [04104] Missing dll: phoenixfd.dlr - LiquidSrc

2018/12/01 17:22:24 WRN: [03136] [04104] Missing dll: phoenixfd.dlr - PhoenixFD Atmosphere

2018/12/01 17:22:24 ERR: [03136] [04104] Error loading file C:/Windows/ServiceProfiles/NetworkService/AppData/Local/Thinkbox/Deadline10/slave/ip-0a802e2c/jobsData/5c02a4dd2addab3370efb735/Phx_LiquidTest_02.max

at Deadline.Plugins.PluginWrapper.StartJob(String& outMessage, AbortLevel& abortLevel)

Thanks as always.


Hey Jeff,

We are not able to provide Phoenix on our Base AMIs at this time. You will need to set it up on a custom AMI. I’ll make sure a feature request gets submitted on your behalf.

In the meantime I found this thread that may be helpful:

Sounds like it is an issue with the VC++ Runtime Phoenix requires.




Hi Charles,

Local machines render fine. AWS machines render fine unless I have Phoenix objects (liquid/fire). I don’t think it is the VC++ dependency, as this is Max 2019/VRay Next, and it seems that dependency only affected Max 2016 and earlier.

That aside: Is there an existing base image for Windows (+Max & VRay) that I can start from to create a custom AMI?




Go to AWS Management Console > Services > EC2 > AMIs > Public Images and search “Deadline Slave Base Image Windows”. Here you will see our Max/V-Ray Images. Pick the one that lines up with your installed version of Deadline, 10.0.X.X.

Instructions on creating a custom AMI:




Ah, there they are. For some reason, searching by owner “357466774442” didn’t show any of those, hence my confusion. Thanks!


It should, there are just a lot of AMIs now so they span over multiple pages. You can confirm an AMI is created by us with that id.


Lesson learned: There are MANY pages. Didn’t realize it continued after the scroll to the bottom. (derp)