Workers and priority with license limits question

tl;dr: If we use license limits, does that also affect Weighted and/or Balanced job scheduling?

We are using Priority, First In/Out, license limits (e.g. Houdini license count=5), and no interrupts.

job01 (priority=50, license limit, no interrupts, submitted first) starts to render then job02 (priority=60, license limit, no interrupts, submitted last) gets queued, but the job doesn’t get picked up until job01 is finished.

We understand the above is because of the license limit enabled, however if we suspend job01 and wait for job02 to pick up and start rendering, when we resume job01 the workers eventually go back to rendering job01 instead.

Is there some job scheduling tweak we can use so that the higher priority job with license limits will render ahead of the lower priority job with same license limits (even though the higher priority job was submitted last)?

I’m new-ish to this facility, but they do not use Pools. Do license limits also affect Pools?


What you needed should be the default behavior. A node will have to finish it’s current job however before it’d look for the next job to pick up, which should be the one with the highest priority.

If it’s working differently, and you’re certain you have all the correct settings in the repository, you may need to start a ticket.

The limit should not affect pool. Pool only limit which machine would pick up the job.

Thanks very much for the info. We double checked and everything seems to have the correct settings. We were able to perform some tests last night and overall the priority worked as expected. However we were able to reproduce this issue under specific conditions (matching how / when it was originally observed), so we have opened a ticket with support.


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