Vray lightcache prerender?

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Re: Vray lightcache prerender?

Postby Bobo » Wed May 17, 2017 11:02 am

The content of SMTDSettings.MultiRegionData is your responsibility. If you are appending to it, it will grow. You can always set it to

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::SMTD_MultiRegionSettingsPersistentGlobal = SMTDSettings.MultiRegionData = #()

to clear. The ::SMTD_MultiRegionSettingsPersistentGlobal is stored with the MAX file and can be used to restore the SMTDSettings.MultiRegionData after a MAX scene has been loaded (at least that's how SMTD is using it).

squeakybadger wrote:I've just encountered a small bug when using the create from 3dsmax region script to add it to jigsaw - it doesn't seem to delete the new region data and hangs around even after deadline is closed.

So sending a single region after 2 other regions on different jobs have been sent, then next job will have 3 regions on the render.

I'm guessing the SMTDSettings.MultiregionData that adds it to Jigsaw needs deleting at the end of the submission?
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