DL10 Houdini Wedge subission error

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Re: DL10 Houdini Wedge subission error

Postby mepp » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:35 pm

An update to the issues experienced in this thread:
  • "global name 'node' is not defined": fix posted in this thread and in Deadline already
  • frame override: fix made it into
  • Frame dependencies: fix made it into
  • submit scene (+ some others): fixes are making their way into the next release
  • Submit wedges as separate jobs: fix making its way into the next release
Unless you meant something else by
He also had to modify the Mantra plugin because it wasn't picking up the minor version so when it looked for the Houdini 16 executable it didn't find anything because we're using 16.0.705.
Then the plugin not automatically detecting build versions of Houdini (or any application really) is normal, as we expect studios to configure the plugin to look at their specific version/location of Houdini. We only supply the default path.

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