360 metadata for VR workflows

Hi there,

would you please consider adding this functionality to draft:

github.com/google/spatial-media … /README.md

It would definitely help us when sending out reviews to the client because we could skip the manual injection step.

Should be done fairly easy, right?


Hi Timor,

This is definitively something we would like to add to Draft. Can you give us a bit more details about your workflow? I’m particularly interested in the format of your 360 metadata. Can you give us examples? It would certainly help us in the implementation process.



Hi Julie,

thank you for considering this.

Our VR workflow is still in it’s infancy but YouTube is such an important platform for VR that many people (and us) will use it for review purposes until our standard review tools (shotgun in our case) support it.

In regards to details about the current workflow:
We, and I guess everyone else, are rendering in LatLong format, currently as 4K 2:1 aspect (even though YouTube recommend UHD and 16:9). We review internally with RV new LatLong viewing tools, but it would be tremendously helpful to be able to just upload the Draft outputs to YouTube for quick client review.

Let me know if you need any held with this or maybe even considering a client showcase for a cool VR workflow with Deadline.

All the best,


Hi Timor,

That’s awesome! Thank you very much for your offer.

I spent some time reading on spatial media metadata and it seems to be totally feasible. I will add that on Draft wish list.



Any progress here?
Even Adobe Media Encoder has this built in now, but we could really use this with Draft.


Hi Timor,
Unfortunately, no movement on this as yet. I’ll poke on your behalf. I actually must add you to our list of VR related customers as I want to touch-base with you regarding something shortly.

Hi Mike,

thanks, appreciated!

Sure, get in touch (tk@om.tv)
-> We are currently prepping for a very big 360° VR job which will be a very exciting showcase (and for which I could use Draft VR metadata).


Great idea! Would be nice if it can be setup directly from SMTD.

BTW Timor what do you use for VR review? I’m usually working with frame.io but they don’t have a sphercial player (yet).

Hey Matt,

for internal review it´s Deadline hooked up to Shotgun (“Play in RV” is super handy with the built in LatLong Viewer), but for clients we use YouTube, which is why it would be great to be able to upload shots directly without reencoding or metadata injection.

We even have a nice VR Draft slate :wink:

Frame.io is great but does not make sense for us as review is always through shotgun.


Just through I´ll let you know that it would also be very helpful and cool if Draft would be able to create a burn-in in LatLong/Equirec space.