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360 Spherical Camera?

Recently purchased a license of Krakatoa for Maya and was wondering if there was anything in beta, or anyone had any good ideas of how to render a 360 spherical camera with Krakatoa… We are already doing the same in VRay and want to render some FX using Krakatoa.


It has been requested a lot recently, and is on our ToDo list for an upcoming version of Krakatoa.

In the mean time, your workaround would be to render 6x 90 degrees cameras to combine into a 6x1 cubic strip in post, and use some 3rd party software to turn that into a LatLong projection (a.k.a. EquiRectangular projection … projection ). Obviously it is a lot more complicated than rendering just once.

Some VR systems like GearVR and Oculus actually prefer 6x1 cubic strips for left and right eye, and V-Ray supports that format too, so we are looking into matching its output in both cases. Note that the cubic strip format can express the same data in less pixels compared to LatLong spherical panoramas.

Interesting. What would the cameras’ focal lengths be set at… or would you just set the angle of view for each to be 90 degrees as well?

Yes, 6 cameras with 90 degrees Field Of View and square resolution (aspect 1.0) with the same position, all parented to the same (optionally animated) null. Basically each camera’s projection represents the side of a cube.

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