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3ds 2022, V-Ray 6, and plugin pop-up

Hello everyone,

I just updated from V-Ray 5 to V-Ray 6 and immediately found a snag.
Upon opening old scenes, I get a " VrayPluginNode: unsupported plugin(s) found" pop up. A quick search pointed out it’s due to some now-unsupported material nodes, and I “sanitised” all materials and material libraries from the affected nodes.
However, the scenes I render use XRefs extensively, and 3ds Max and V-Ray are stubborn, and one of the two insists trying to load the unsupported nodes, even if the XRef material no longer uses them.
The only solution I’ve found so far would be to delete the affected XRefs and relink them, but I’d have to do that on 479 files (not joking) and resubmit them to Deadline.

I’ve tried to modify the submission parameters of the jobs, setting to “true” the “Render In Silent Mode” option, but the pop-up still appears and the render is marked as failed.

Is there a way to ignore the pop-up?

there is a way to supress pop-ups, I posted this the other week. Not sure if only for scripts and not all pop-ups

In the submitter under the ‘Scripts’ tab there is this

You could also modify the submission script to ignore this pop up as mentioned in this part of the post

Did you create a ticket with Thinkbox support? they’ll likely get a working fix out for you.

The Popup Handling option is already on. I’ll try to contact support, thank you.

if you switch it off does it ignore the pop-ups?

Very quick update: after some extensive help from the support desk (thanks again Zain :smiley: ), I was able to overcome to pop-up through a combination of updating Deadline and 3ds Max’s plug-in to the latest version.

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