3ds Max 2020? 1.6?


What’s new in 1.6.2 there is no changelog since v1.4 is there Max 2020 support yet?



Support for 3ds Max 2020 was just released today in XMesh MX 1.7.0. You can get it from https://downloads.thinkboxsoftware.com/. If you use the saver, you will need to get sales to cut you a new license. You can contact them via thinkbox-sales@amazon.com.


Thank you Evan, Bobo and the rest of TB team. Our prayers were listened :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I am renewing all my Thinkbox products now for 2020. It was the last thing keeping me with older 3dsmax versions. I hope it means that xmesh isn’t phased out and things get back to normal at Thinkbox.

Best and thanks,