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3ds Max 2022 Support for Frost

I would like to know when the Max 2022 build for Frost will be available.

Come on Thinkbox… it is just recompile…

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Any news would be appreciated.

Please, Thinkbox - a 2022 version is really overdue. At least give us some information, your support won’t say a thing except for ‘no comment’.

I mean users paid “maintenance fee”. We should at least get the “maintenance”.

Seven months without a response. It would be nice to get some news on a recompile for Max 2022.

Any chance Frost will get a 2022 plugin now, too? I mean 2023 is out now and you just released Krakatoa for 2022… please…

Frost MX 2.4.0 was released last month and added support for 3ds Max 2022 and V-Ray 5.

I must have missed it somehow - when I had a look back when Krakatoa for 2022 was released it still listed 2.3.0 as the most recent version.

Thank you for the quick response.

Question - wouldn’t it make sense to work on 2023 versions support now, too? Or is this already working with the latest versions?

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