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[3ds Max] Material ID isn't stored when saving


Saver and Loader versions are both and I’m with Max 2022.3.3

I saved multiple objects as one mesh adding MaterialID channel.
When I load it, it always turns out material id 1 is assigned to every faces, elements.
Material Library has no issues. All Material IDs are separated how it’s supposed to be.
I added Vol.Select (Stack selection level - Face, Surface features - Material ID) to check its material ids but there’s only material id 1…

I tried all possible scenrios by tweaking all settings but none of them seemed to work properly.
Like, Saving one meshes with multiple elements assigning each element (or face) to different material ids, Saving multiple objects with multiple materials assigned each etc.
Is there a bug or am I missing something?
I attached a short demonstration video of the issue.

Thank you for your time!

Storing Material ID (1.9 MB)

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