3ds Max & V-Ray GPU Standalone Export Workflow

3ds Max 2019 Update 3.4
V-Ray Next 4.30.03
Windows 10 (1908/2004)

I’m trying to use the V-Ray Export workflow in Deadline
It should locally export .vrscene files from 3dsMax and submit them to the farm but…

I can’t seem to get this running…

If I have V-Ray GPU selected it doesn’t recognise the renderer in submission
I get this failure…

If I switch back to CPU It goes through fine

I’ve checked I’m using the latest submitter, and have tried manually copying to update. The logs also show deadline command is using

Is this a limitation or am I missing something obvious??

In Maya it’s all in the same renderer, you just choose the type
Houdini is similar
Cinema4D too
even Rhino has this

I have a ticket open for this (101612) but grateful for any pointers

I’m looking at manually exporting but can’t see any GPU selection, will test and report back, not sure if it uses the current selection (GPU) or just creates a default .vrscene


Yes I can export to .vrscene and submit manually selecting GPU on the standalone submitter
This works and the rendering is utilising the GPU

The export in 3ds Max doesn’t give the option to choose renderer because it’s just a .vrscene, it doesn’t care which renderer you choose

There should be an option in the submission form which tells Deadline which renderer / switch to use. but I can’t see this


There’s nothing regarding GPU in the documentation, Am I missing something obvious??

It is possible to modify the job when it’s been submitted

So currently I’m looking at the following options :-

  1. Manually export vrscene in 3ds Max, then manually submit V-Ray job in Deadline

  2. Use Workflow submitter to export vrscene and submit to Deadline, then manually edit job (or create event?)

  3. Wait for Thinkbox to modify the Workflow submitter to include a GPU option (or point out what i’m missing)

Give this version of the Workflow a try!

SMTDWorkflow_VRayStandaloneExport_GPUsupport_20201008.zip (7.8 KB)

  • Back up the original Workflow found in the folder \DeadlineRepository10\submission\3dsmax\Main\Workflows\
  • Copy the content of the ZIP file into the same folder
  • Restart SMTD and submit a job.

Tested with V-Ray Next GPU Update 2.1

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Thanks Bobo, this does submit with the update

Here is an improved version that supports all RT modes including RTX:

SMTDWorkflow_VRayStandaloneExport_20201015.zip (8.0 KB)

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