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3dsMAX 2024 Support (and Fix for Vray 6)....Please

I know it’s now open source on GitHub but…since someone need to do it, here it come…
Could we please have Frost for 3dsMAX 2024…

  • plus Fix the Issue with VRay 6 instancing (no dll found)



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+1 We still love Thinkbox plugins for 3dsMax and look forward to the 2024 versions, thanks!

Hello @MarcoA,

Thanks for reaching out, I am going to create an feature request to our Engineering Team to have Frost MX updated for 3dsMax 2024. I can’t share the details of ETA due to Amazon policy, but keep an eye for future Frost version releases that ships with added features and bug fixes!


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For the Vray issue, it’s find ou that since Vray6 chaos remove the version number for the Vray dll, so it will no longer be Vray< maxversion >.dll, but Vray.dll …(and it’s stored now on the new appplugin folder in programdata)

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Here is Frost 2024 recompile with VRay6/TP7 support.

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Huge Thks to everyone making this a reality, best mesher is back and finally fixed…

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Is there still interest in FrostMX for the latest 3ds Max2025 and vray versions ?
I have my Max 2025 builds ready and plan to release them in the near future
But still want to know how bigh the intereset in those great plugins really is …

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