[3dsmax submitter][Corona] Trapped SSH Exception in RenderFrame()


Hi everyone,

I created a maxscript Deadline submitter based on I think this tutorial : https://deadline.thinkboxsoftware.com/custom-maxscript-submission/ (was it taken offline? Is that still available somewhere? I was looking to use this tutorial to send batch jobs from 3dsmax to denoise Vray files and extract CXR files for animations)

We’ve been using it with Vray for a couple of years without troubles and I’ve updated it for Corona last year.
We are using it in production since then and it works very well for our still renderings and animations but we are running into a recurring error anytime a render element has a filepath in it’s parameter. If you remove the filepath it does fix the error and we can render our CXR file including all render elements.
The first problem with that is that the filepath seems to automatically be added sometimes to the parameters and we never really know if the job is going to go through until it’s on the farm.

If I send the same image through SMTD then the error doesn’t happen and the image renders properly.

Is that something you guys ran into when updating the SMTD submitter for Corona? Any idea where it might come from? (See attached my script and the scene I’m using for testing purposes)

The second problem which I think is related is that when saving tif output only the beauty pass is saved and not the render elements. I suppose this is due to removing the filepath from the render elements parameters but we can’t get the image to not error out while keeping a filepath.
Same thing here, if I send the same image through SMTD then the passes all save properly.

I looked on forums, documentation and in the SMTD code to hopefully find something related to filepath or SSH errors and didn’t find anything.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

3dsMax version: 2016 SP4
Deadline version:
Corona 3 hotfix 2

3dsmaxRemoteScripts.zip (74.1 KB)

Job_2019-05-13_16-32-25_5cd9d45afc98e6167472155d.zip (7.8 KB)




Hi guys,

Following up to see if anyone has run in the same problem and also if the Maxscript tutorials are still available somewhere?