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3Party License UBL not work fro MAYA 2022

This is my Deadline Architecture:

User logs in the Workstation through the desktop, uploads the original file, archives it in FSx, opens Maya on the workstation, reads the file stored on the FSx, selects Render from Deadline, and the Deadeline Repository starts the Spot Fleet work for the Render Job, and the FSx exists after the Render. The User is finally saved back to the local by FSx through the remote desktop.

My Test:

Using the open source software Blender to test the above process is no problem and can be completed successfully

Try to run Maya rendering job I got below error:

022-08-01 07:18:40: 0: Executing plugin command of type ‘Render Task’
2022-08-01 07:18:40: 0: INFO: Waiting until maya is ready to go
2022-08-01 07:18:41: 0: STDOUT: maya: Autodesk MayaIO 2022
2022-08-01 07:18:41: 0: STDOUT: A licensing error occurred that Autodesk systems were not able to handle for you. Please contact Autodesk Customer Support for help in resolving this error.
2022-08-01 07:18:41: 0: STDOUT: checkoutLicense: Failed to authorize license. Error code 22.

What I done for check my setting:

Complete the check:

  1. Worker Image: Use the AMI officially provided by Deadline, ID: ami-09db812dcc6ab7e8f, the content is Deadline Worker Base Image Linux 2 with Maya 2022 and V-Ray 51021 and Arnold 4.2.2
  2. Deadline installed version on Repository, Client, Monitor is
  3. Maya 2022 has been installed on the Workstation with the Work version provided by Deadline
  4. Purchase render time bundles for Usage-Based Licensing through Thinkbox Marketplace, 50 hours each for Maya and Arnold, and obtain authorization files from Customer Portal.
  5. Refer to Deadline Licensing (Deadline Licensing — Deadline documentation ( and Usage-Licensing Base (Usage-Based Licensing — Deadline documentation ( to configure UBL Gateway on Deadline Monitor And the activation code is completed, and the Plugin Limit of Maya and Arnold is set
  6. Set up the License Forwarder and install the third-party license certificates of Maya and Arnold in the specified path, and check that the Forwarder has been started successfully through Deadline Monitor.

Anyon can give me some suggestions?

looks like your issue is with the Maya license, which should be free (not sure about MayaIO)

Are you able to submit a Maya software render job via Deadline and does that complete?

Arnold does require a license and could also be the issue, I had an issue running Arnold as it was using the same port (5056/7056) for the license as one of the Deadline services (Pulse)
I think when encountering this issue we put pulse/licenseforwarder on a separate machine.

Have you put a ticket in with support? they’ll be able to help

Hi Anthony,

Yes, I already have buy 50 Hrs render times from deadline marketplace. And download my .pfx files from customer portal. These 2 .pfx(Maya and Arnold) both should be put in the deadleine forwarder certificetas folder with deadline 2 cert files and a .ca file together.
Of course I sask AWS support ticket about 4 days ago. As we knew it take too much times…That’s why I ask for help here.
Is that possible my .pfx doesn’t include Maya 2022 that I issued from Thinkbox? I got an information from Autodesk forum that have same issue error code 22, seems Autodek reply need to update the license package.

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