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Abot AWS Portal's inbound and outbound communication

I want to construct AWS Portal server.
There are RCS and file sever on a network segment that allows LAN communication to AWS Portal server.
I think that I don’t understand network requiremnt.

  • Outbound
    • Portal link – ssh(port:22) → gateway
    • assets server – https(port:443) → S3
  • Inbound

Inbound requiremnt is nothing, right?
In the above link, it looks like there is an inbound communication.

Here is a link to a page with FW port listing.

TCP 4000 and 4001
AWS Asset Server
Default TCP port - AWS Asset Server

TCP 4005 and 18000
AWS Portal Link
Default TCP ports for remote commands and status communications - AWS Portal Link

Thank you for reply.

I already checked the link.
I would like to know that port number using access to the AWS via WAN in case that there is AWS Portal server in my office.


I don’t quite understand what your setup is or at which point it is failing. Do the AWS portal logs report anything useful?

There is another URL for firewall exceptions (Outbound traffic to required AWS endpoints may be blocked) , but I didn’t see any port numbers listed (you asked for port numbers).

It may be easier to open up a support ticket.

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