Accumulating a value over time in magma



I have come across an issue that has me totally stumped and i’m hoping some of you guys may be able to shed some light on it. I am using magma to color my particles and i want to mix 2 colors. I am planning to use a blend node to adjust the colors using a float. Each color samples the other color (2 diff prt sequences) via a radius check. If the check equals true i want it to add +1 to a value to control the blending. The problem is i dont know how to make the float value accumulate over time. Is there any way to save a value so it can be read back on the next frame as the starting point? I cant seem to set up a circular loop inside the magma logic. Magma appears to treat each frame as an isolated object and has no concept of previous or next frames. (as far as i can tell)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.