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Add Maya 2023 support in Deadline

Maya 2023 support will be included in the next release of Deadline (10.1.22). However, you can manually add Maya 2023 support to your installation of Deadline with the contents of the attached zip file. It contains the required files to run Maya 2023 as well as a README with instructions on how to use these files.

NOTE: This is not an official release.

NOTE: Rendering on Maya using Linux is currently broken. This is because Maya doesn’t run when using the -prompt flag (even outside of Deadline). We have reached out to Autodesk support regarding this issue. Once we have a resolution, we will take any required steps to resolve this issue.

Let me know if you run into any issues.
Thanks, Qail

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To be able to submit from Maya 2023 until it is not released please install the submission script manually by following here: Maya — Deadline documentation

When can we expect a Maya 2023 integration release? We are planning on upgrading Deadline very very soon and would want to know if we should wait for Maya 2023 support or need to go ahead without it.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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