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Adding a multiple towers for computation of single frame.

Hi, everyone i have a 12 system setup. I need to know that, if i hit a render can deadline use power of all towers at once to render a single frame. If so can you share the details on how to do that?
Right know it just distributes the frames among different towers and i dont’ need that. Also my towers are being used by others in day and in night i want to do rendering stuff, so please remember that if someone knows please share the details. Thank you for your help in advance.

You could tile the image and send the piece to the renderfarm. If you are using a package with distributed rendering you can use the power of all the machines to power your local render.

It really depends on what package you are using and which renderer.

You can use the scheduling to allow users to work in the day and then render at night.

You can also (depending on OS) set the slaves to only work on certain CPU cores, allowing the users to work as well as rendering at the same time.

“If you are using a package with distributed rendering you can use the power of all the machines to power your local render.”
I want to know how to configure this in deadline. So for the details we are using windows 7 as OS and octane as renderer. And thanks for that scheduling part that solves one of my problem @anthonygelatka


Can you explain how you would like Octane to work with Deadline? Do you want tile, region, jigsaw, off-load DR, interactive DR? We need more info to understand your intended workflow. Can you describe what you need in Deadline?

We already have support for the Standalone renderer here: … ctane.html

Are you using Octane inside of a certain 3D application? 3dsMax? Maya?

Is this what you are wanting to use with Deadline? … %20Feature

Yes, this what i actually require we are using octanes maya plugin. Like octane inbuilt network renderer which uses all the slaves Gpu at a time to render a single frame, i want to do same in deadline. Actually deadline distributes different frames among slaves, but i want it to use power of all Gpu’s on slaves to render a single frame rather than distributing it among slaves.

  1. I read about your jigsaw and tile rendering feature. But we have standalone software of deadline, so does standalone also have support for this feature or we have to use that option of Thinkbox self only from maya"?
  2. If it is important to submit the job from maya only to use jigsaw/tile feature i would love to know how bring that self because i cant find it.

ok, so to confirm, you have 1 or more GPU cards in 1 or more remote machines which run Deadline Slave and you would like to submit a “Reserve Octane Standalone Renderer” job into the deadline queue, which runs the “Octane_Slave” application, so that you can add these machines to help process your local render on your local machine only? This will be a submission UI in our Deadline Monitor application and/or Maya as well, as an in-app submitter? (similar to our current Reserver VRay in-app submitter?) You always intend to render using your local machine and you just want to add additional machines which have GPU cards installed in them?

Yes Mike that’s what i want.

So i found deadline in my maya self. Now next issue is while i am using jigsaw to render and distribute frames among slaves, deadline is not distributing regions it is rendering a complete frame only. I need the solution for this as soon as possible. Help please.

Our docs should help here. Let us know which bit you don’t understand after reading this: … ng-options
and this: … -ref-label

Submit All Tiles as a single Job: If enabled, a single frame will be submitted with all tiles in a single job, otherwise each tile will be submitted as a seperate job with each frame being a seperate frame.

I am confused with this? If i uncheck this will it distributes regions to slaves?

I have gone through those pages already but nothing is solving my problem.
The thing is after creating my regions and doing everything when i submit the job what is happening write now is that the frame is rendering on only one slave and rest of my slaves are sitting idle, the jigsaw region are not getting distributed among them. Is there any kind of option that i have to check to let deadline distribute frames among different slaves?

For rendering a single frame, “Submit All Tiles as a single Job” should be enabled.

Can you confirm the exact version of Deadline you are using?

To confirm:

  1. You have selected: “Region Render Type” drop-down list entry as: “Tile Rendering”?
  2. You have enabled: “Enable Region Rendering” checkbox?
  3. You have enabled: “Submit All Tiles as a single Job” checkbox?
  4. Tiles in X & Y are set to at least a value of “2” or higher?
  5. “Submit Dependent Assembly Job” checkbox is enabled?
  6. "Assemble Using Draft"checkbox is enabled?

If your setup is as per the settings above and it’s still not working. Please can you create a support ticket at and a member of the support team will arrange a remote session for you to resolve your issue.

First i am using jigsaw feature.
Second, even if i use tile rendering with all your options stated its still not working.
I am using deadline version R

Apologies, I’ve just been reminded that Octane Renderer doesn’t support region/tile rendering in Maya. Only the following renderers support crop/tile/region rendering which we depend on to make our tile or Jigsaw render to work correctly.

$renderer == "arnold" $renderer == "mayaSoftware" $renderer == "mentalRay" $renderer == "renderMan" $renderer == "renderManRIS" $renderer == "finalRender" $renderer == "turtle" $renderer == "vray" $renderer == "ifmIrayPhotoreal"

Ok, thanks mike. Its looks like Octane renderer dosen’t support this feature, its ok. Thanks for looking into.

I very much doubt there is anything we can do here, as Deadline is ready to support any renderer that is capable of tile/region rendering. As far as we know, the Octane renderer simply doesn’t support “crop” rendering, so we are dependent on OTOY delivering this functionality. Is there something which makes you think this is already possible in Octane? If not, then it would be best to request a feature enhancement ticket to the OTOY development team.

Hi Support Tram,

i wanted to do octane render through deadline version 7.0
i wanted to do render single frame on multiple pc so is it possible or not please let me know


Deadline fully supports Octane single frame rendering. Octane does NOT support region or crop rendering, so tile rendering is not possible. If Octane ever adds support for tile rendering, we will add support in Deadline.

How to do vray and Maya tile render

Check out this part of the Maya submitter documentation for how to use the region rendering feaure.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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