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Adding Blender versions to deadline

Hi Team!
This is my first ticket in the forum. Thanks first at all for attend it.
I’d like to add Versions to Blender Plugin, as it’s already done for Nuke, Mantra or many others Plugins.
The difference is that Blender has just one version by default in Deadline.
I’ve seen how to edit .param file to add versions to Deadline Monitor and setup executables. I see too how on scripts/submission .py file must there be these different options added.
But I have some troubles to get the info from the submitter to enable deadline to choose the proper version for rendering based on the Blender version that launched the task.
It’s possible to do with no nightmare?
Thanks in advace for the help!

That sould be fairly easy to implement. You’d need the submitter to write the version into the plugin info file (assuming the submitter uses the info file approach).

You can get blenders version from Then just add a key/value pair like "Version = " +=

Then on execution the plugin needs to check that parameter and choose the corresponding executable.

I don’t know blenders submitter but if that isn’t enough to help you get there feel free to ask and i’ll have a look at it.

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Hi Kevin!
Thanks for your answer. It’s a good tip to keep on working on it. I’ll try to locate blender submitter to add and get version key.
If I feel locked again I’ll report again on this thread.
All the best!

Good, I’m stuck here too, I’m pretty much a novice at this.

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