Adding new version/revision of Nuke to Deadline



We are using the Deadline farm to process jobs from Maya and Nuke. Since Foundry updates Nuke with minor revisions pretty often, we have a problem with submitting jobs, because each revision uses different executable.

How can I ADD NEW version/revision to Deadline myself?

Do I have to update Deadline itself, and if so, where do i get the latest version with updated submitters?

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That’s one of the known issues with Nuke. We had a time where each minor version of Nuke had its own executable option.

Are the different builds of Nuke incompatible or can you just make sure you’re ahead of the game? For example, you could theoretically have this set up for Nuke11’s executable path:



cheers eamsler, thank you for reply

transitions so far (that I used):
Nuke10.0v5 >> Nuke11.1v2 >> Nuke11.2v2

for example: files saved in Nuke11.2v2 don’t open in Nuke11.1v2 and that is supposed to be a minor revision.

I can not even set up the submitter, as the highest option I get while trying to submit via Monitor is 11.1 version.

I am also interested if anyone has any experience with remote software updates on client computers, specifically update and maintain Autodesk Maya (and it’s user configs), Foundry Nuke (and it’s user configs), and Deadline as well, with focus on keeping all things and versions latest/synced.



We recently upgraded to Nuke11.2v3 and are running Deadline When I started we were on Nuke 10 and I hadnt built out our farm yet.
Thinkbox may frown upon this but through a colleague figured out you can add additional versioned executables manually.
Within your deadline repo, under Plugins/Nuke - there is a Nuke.param file
We just added an entry for Nuke 11.2v3 and had jobs submitting in no time to our farm without having to upgrade the entire repository and deadline clients.

Not sure if this is entirely what you were looking for, but its somewhat related and might help someone else.

As far as remote software updates, if youre a windows house, PDQ Deploy is an excellent solution.
No need to even buy the paid version to push out Silent Installations of Nuke.


Hi Daniel,
this seems to be exactly what I am looking for (ie. add own Nuke version to Deadline), I just don’t know what steps to take to actually show/use new version.

ADDED to .param file:
Category=Nuke 11 Render Executables
Label=Nuke 11.2 Render Executable
Default=C:\Program Files\Nuke11.2v2\Nuke11.2.exe;/usr/local/Nuke11.2v2/Nuke11.2;/Applications/Nuke11.2v2/
Description=The path to the Nuke 11.2 executable file used for rendering. Enter alternative paths on separate lines.

I set CategoryOrder=6 and CategoryIndex=2 as these seems to be most logical values, given previous entries.



Just realizing now our Pipeline guy and I were a bit lazy and actually labeled it as Nuke 12? LOL yeah its not Nuke 12 but here is what Ive got…

Category=Nuke 12 Render Executables
Label=Nuke 11.1 Render Executable
Default=C:\Program Files\Nuke11.2v3\Nuke11.2.exe;/usr/local/Nuke11.2v3/Nuke11.2;/Applications/Nuke11.2v3/
Description=The path to the Nuke 11.2 executable file used for rendering. Enter alternative paths on separate lines.

Our Nuke Upgrade Path was very similar to yours. Nuke 10.0v1—>Nuke11.0v4---->Nuke 11.2v3
We found some bugs along that way actually that the Foundry have fixed in .2v4 but havn’t taken the plunge yet with upgrading. Keeping those versions consistent was important for Published Files in our Shotgun Pipeline.

Anyway once that is there in the parm file, make sure it is reflecting and showing in your deadline monitor under Tools > Configure Plugins > Nuke. Then any Nuke Job sent from 11.2v3 should know where to render once it hits your farm. I could be forgetting something so by all means if someone at Thinkbox thinks otherwise please let us know. Once we added that we off to the renders/races. Thats more or less how we figured it out, submitting jobs at first were erroring out and it was pretty obvious why from the logs.

Going back to your question on keeping configs consistent etc. We have taken over the default deadline submissions script, and have it shared on our local NAS. It actually doesn’t give artists many options, just have good job submission arguments we defined within the script. For EG 2 simultaneous concurrent tasks, and a specific pool for jobs requiring specific Nuke plugins such as the Neat Video OFX plugin.
Then just have an env variable of NUKE_PATH and point it to the respective operating systems path on disk to your scripts on storage. WIN Z:\settings\nuke NIX:/mnt/server/settings/nuke OSX:/Volumes/server/settings/nuke

Hope this helps you!


Not so much frown, but it’s unsupported. There are quite a few posts from support guys here explaining how to do exactly this (just search for “RenderExecutable”). If the file editing isn’t the only thing that needs changing you’ll have to wait for an official update though.