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Adding support for 3delight NSI to Houdini Export Jobs


I am starting to setup Deadline with houdini submission. The current deadline HDA has export
dependent jobs tab for Mantra, Arnold, Renderman, etc to execute the stand alone scene descriptions. The new 3delight NSI is no longer RIB based, so I am wondering about the likelihood of you adding support for it?

The renderer is gaining a lot of traction, and at present Deadline is not really an easy option for small setups without this support.



+1 for 3delight NSI. I would love to see support on the deadline ROP, same as other engines, and also and option to launch standalone render from the Monitor menu, to render NSI files with renderdl commands.

thank you.

Another +1 for native 3delight NSI support… My deadline setup has been sitting dormant for the last few months as I’ve transitioned exclusively to 3delight. I’m sadly not smart enough to get this going on my own haha.

+1 (+N) for this, had a few requests for this, Solaris making things very flexible for everyone

+1 to add support for 3Delight on the Deadline ROP.

Until then is there any workaround or patch that we could test?

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