Additional Parameters to start plugin executable

Hi people, i want to know what is the best way to submit a job to Deadline with a optional argument.

taking a maya job example (on my log) the sequence of executions of deadline is as follow:

2021-06-08 23:37:03: 0: INFO: Executable: “/usr/autodesk/maya2018/bin/maya”

2021-06-08 23:37:03: 0: INFO: Argument: -prompt -proj “/mnt/driveT/007_GENESIS/work/01_SCR_STOCK/STOCKS_DUNAS_CAMELOS/STOCKS_DUNAS_CAMELOS_T003/publish/yeti/anim”

2021-06-08 23:37:03: 0: INFO: Full Command: “/usr/autodesk/maya2018/bin/maya” -prompt -proj “/mnt/driveT/007_GENESIS/work/01_SCR_STOCK/STOCKS_DUNAS_CAMELOS/STOCKS_DUNAS_CAMELOS_T003/publish/yeti/anim”

so, basically, i want to use the line that contains “INFO: Argument: -prompt -proj” and append a “-command ‘file -loadnoReferences’” or something like that before maya is executed, have any way of doing that? i need to create a copy of the maya plugin and hardcode the option to open maya with a parameter?


Each plugin has a method RenderArgument which assembles the arguments to be passed to the executable. You can override just that method, if sufficient.

Thx for the reply mois.moshev

so, i read the documentation about the RenderArgument, and its talk about:
“… or from the plugin info file that was submitted with the job using the GetPluginInfoEntry() function”

ok, look like its possible to send this information in the job info file, but, i didnt get what is going to be the value that i set on the job file for this additional tags, like:



its really just a “RENDER_ARGUMENTS” on the plugininfo.job files info? or what its the name of this var? didnt find anyware

by the way, i really dont want to mess with the plugin default files (the python one)


In the particular case of Maya, both the Monitor submission script and the integrated Maya subitter offer the option to pass additional command line arguments - the former in the Advanced Options tab, the latter in the Render Options panel.

You must uncheck the “Use MayaBatch Plugin” option to use MayaCmd instead (because MayaBatch uses a MEL script to control the process, not command line arguments).

Then you can enter the command line arguments you want to add, or, if you want to replace the command line with your arguments completely, you can also check the checkbox “Use Only Additional Command Line Arguments” (but you probably don’t want to do that).

This results in a Plugin Info Parameter CommandLineOptions=... :

So if you are submitting your own MayaCmd job with your own PluginInfo and JobInfo files, you could just pass the CommandLineOptions argument in the PluginInfo file.

For most other Deadline integration plugins, you might not have this option and you would have to mess with the Python integration script, and the submission scripts to pass extra arguments.


thx Bobo, i didnt see this option on my submition, probabily because i only use the MayaBatch plugin.

i just want to append extra info on the maya job command, and i think that is enough to make it work as intent, i really appreciate your help!

thx man!

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