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adsorption in maya

1)how to set which color is going to absorb and which color is going to produce(similar to 2 swatches in 3ds max krk),i can just find override absorption (single)color or apply texture in render globals.

2)how can i make a simple turntable animation(i just want to capture a one good simulation frame,and then no simulation just camera moves).i dont want to simulate whole timeline of my animation.

These two features of KMX are currently not supported in KMY.

The second swatch in KMX was meant as a helper feature. It basically does (WHITE minus Absorption). If you look at the RGB sliders, you can just imagine them to be inverted (when you have a high Blue Absorption component, the final color will have LESS blue). The helper swatch only makes sense with white light and white particles, otherwise the final color will be something else anyway. I will log it as a Wishlist item for future updates, but we did not feel strong enough about its usefulness when developing KMY…

Krakatoa SR (and thus both Krakatoa MY and Krakatoa C4D) does not implement a PCache/LCache system like the one found in KMX. This is already on the ToDo list, but wasn’t straight-forward to implement, so it is still not available. For example, Maya does not let you render an animation interactively the way Max does, so the PCache would have to be built and locked during Batch rendering, which even in Max is an exception and not the rule.
As result, currently you cannot hold a frame in memory and render a camera move around it at no additional loading time cost. You can save your particles to a PRT sequence, then load a single frame of the sequence in a PRT Loader and render the camera animation, but the data will be reloaded on each frame, so it would be a bit slower…

Thanks for the feedback!

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