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After Effects not Erroring and missing frames

Hello , i’m using deadline to render quictkime movies .
My probleme is : my job is not failed when i have an error in my log.
The result is always completed even if my render is too short, not entire ,because of this error .
I already check “Fail On Warning Messages” in my submition preferences but my render is always to short and not failed (statut completed)…

Who can i resolve this issue ?
Because it is not easy to find the errors when all renders get the statut completed

thanks a lot

Salut Thomas,

Do you have skip existing frames on in the AE comp? and it skips when it reaches that one?

Or are there permissions error on the files? It looks like there is an issue reading the file at this frame (66) can you check the image, does it look correct? is it possibly in use elsewhere?

Do you have the fail on missing output checked?

Have a check on the options on the advanced tab and see if they’re affecting anything

I just re-read you’re writing quicktime movies, I always avoid this and find it’s better to render a comp as an image sequence and then compile that image sequence as a quicktime.

You can only run on 1 machine rendering video files, it’s a good idea to enable local rendering also so it writes the file locally then copies back to the storage

Yes i have checked "Failed On missing Output’ and "fail on Warning Messages

I know why i have this frame issue and i made the correction in my shot, then my render was good and deadline calculate without probleme.

But what i need is to failed the statut of a job when there is a probleme (error or warning) and don’t put the status “completed”
To identify quickly when i have an issue or a shot not well rendered (missing frames) .

Is there maybe a way to use an event script ?
To compare my job frames and my last frame rendered ?

or at least failed the job when there is an error message ?

Did you put a support ticket into Thinkbox? which version of AE and Deadline are you using on which OS?

peut-être parce que le message d’erreur est en français, il est manqué? Je ne sais pas.

I’m not 100% but likely it’s looking for Error not Erreur

        self.AddStdoutHandlerCallback( ".*Error:.*" ).HandleCallback += self.HandleStdoutError
        self.AddStdoutHandlerCallback( "aerender ERROR.*" ).HandleCallback +=

you could modify the script, or check with the official Thinkbox team, they’re Canadian so I’m suprised it’s not already bilingual

You were right ,it works when i use “force rendering in english”
And in English mode i have more options, like the percentage of my rendering in real time ,
this is very useful but in french mode doesn’t work either…

So i will send a ticket to talk about a french version .
Because i have some expressions in my shots and if i work in “FR” en render in “English” i will have some traductions issues

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