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Alert - AWS Portal - Autoshutdown setting is not respected in Deadline

This issue is resolved in Deadline Refer to our documentation for information on upgrading.

We are aware of an issue with the AWS Portal’s Auto-shutdown option not being respected by the Workers associated with the spot fleet.

To resolve this issue we have a patched copy of AWS Portal’s event plugin at this link - (6.9 KB)

To install take the contents of and place them into DeadlineRepository10\custom\events\AWSPortal.

The next time an Infrastructure is created the patched files will be used.

If you have an existing Infrastructure you’ll need to restart it. Or if you want to avoid re-uploading assets you can restart nginx on the Gateway using the following steps.

Remote into the Gateway instance.

sudo su
service nginx stop
cd /var/cache/nginx

There should be multiple two character folders in the directory. These will all need to be removed.

sudo rm -r /var/cache/nginx/*
service nginx start

The nginx directory will re-populate with the new repository cache once the service has been started.

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