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AMI for 3dsmax workstation

I’m a real newbie to the world of cloud computing, just trying to get myself used to the AWS ecosystem and initially run a virtual workstation for using 3dsmax with my own licence, then hopefully move on to using usage based licencing and spinning up farms of EC2 instances etc.

I managed to launch a Deadline AMI I found with Windows, 3ds max and Vray6 on an EC2 instance, but it appeared to be just a command line version of 3ds max.

Are there any AMIs kicking about with the full UI version I could start out with and use as a base to install all my plugins and auxiliary software, or am I just best off building it from a base Windows image?

Any pointers from someone who has gone through this process are appreciated.

Hello @Luminus

Thinkbox out of the box AMIs have a special version of 3dsMax which works with UBL (does not work with customer’s 3dsMax license) so you cannot run Max studio on it. You will need to start and instance with base image install 3dsMax on it.

Here’s the guide to create custom AMIs: Amazon Machine Image Customization — Deadline documentation

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