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AnnotationInfo Class

[size=150]AnnotationInfo Class[/size]

Type: Class
Description: A class that contains properties used for textual annotations.
[list]PointSize – An integer value denoting the size of the font. (Defaults to 32.)
FontType – A string value denoting the type of font to use. (Defaults to Adobe’s Source Sans Pro.)
FontMetric – A FontTypeMetric object used to retrieve font and text properties for the annotation. Its values are set when the annotation is created.
Padding – A decimal value denoting the padding around the text. (Defaults to 0.0.)
Color – A Draft.ColorRGBA value denoting the color of the text. (Defaults to white.)
BackgroundColor – A Draft.ColorRGBA value denoting the background color. (Defaults to transparent.)
DrawShadow – A boolean value denoting whether or not to draw a shadow around the text. (Defaults to false.)
ShadowColor – A Draft.ColorRGBA value denoting the color of the Shadow. (Defaults to black.)
Sample Code:

textInfo = Draft.AnnotationInfo() textInfo.PointSize = 24 textInfo.FontType = "Helvetica" textInfo.Color = Draft.ColorRGBA( 0.75, 0.54, 0.975, 1.0 ) textInfo.BackgroundColor = Draft.ColorRGBA( 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 )[/list:u]

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