Any news for Krakatoa for max 2020?


Hello, as in the subject. Also the same question for all other products, especially xmesh loader…
I hope there is still a slight hope for all these plugins not phased out.


Yes, we are working on updating all 3ds Max plugins for 2020.

We had some outstanding issues to cover before that, for example we had to release a Frost with V-Ray Next support, something we fixed a few weeks ago. There was no Stoke release for 2019 due to incompatibilities with FumeFX 5 (Krakatoa MX was released for 2019, but without FumeFX support). We have resolved these issues with the friendly assistance of Sitni Sati, so a Stoke MX release with Max 2019 support is coming soon. After that, we will look into updating all products for Max 2020.

Thank you for your patience!


Glad to hear, not only me. I am switching to 3dsmax 2020 with all plugins today. Do you think that stoke or kraka 2020 is a matter of year or months? More or less, please :slight_smile:


Hey, are there any new versions of ANY plugin for 3dsmax?
TyFlow is going to be important tool, as we know it. Now I can’t frost Tyflow particles, for example. Is this a matter of weeks or years with such a slow tempo of updates?

Same with xmesh 2020.

best, nl


As I mentioned before, the latest plugin update was of Frost MX 2 which added V-Ray Next instancing support, but it goes only up to Max 2019.

I can frost TyFlow particles in Max 2019 in at least 4 different ways:

  • Set meshing to vertex cloud (not optimal, loses all channel data except for particle positions)
  • Enable the Particle Interface in the TyFlow - this will give you the majority of channels, but there were some issues with Orientation and Spin not updating over the course of an animation - we will have to figure out if it is Tyson’s problem, or ours.
  • Create a Krakatoa PRT Source from the TyFlow (with Particle Interface enabled), and do any Magma or deformation work on it before meshing. This is how I could look at the list of all channels TyFlow’s Particle Interface exposes to our plugins, and noticed that some were not updating over time.
  • Dump TyFlow to PRTs and mesh that. This works around the problem with some channels not updating over time, but is obviously less interactive.

I have a test build of KMX 2020 on my machine, and I am testing it (looking good so far, but we have a few loose ends to tie - FumeFX integration for 2020, and a bug that was reported last week to fix).
Stoke, Frost and XMesh will follow. It took a while to fix Stoke to work with FumeFX for 2019, we felt it would be better to release it straight with 2019 and 2020 support when it is ready. But it has the same need for FumeFX support in 2020 which takes time due to the 3rd party dependency.

We are sorry things are taking so long. We are trying to improve the cadence this year, but sometimes things are outside of our direct control.


Is this possible to ask you for 2020 xmesh loader only? It would be great ease for me as a customer. Is porting, re-coding xmesh installer from 2019 to 2020 a lot of code changes or is this just an one-liner in dll plugin/installer?
I would be such faster with xmesh loader 2020… even without saver at first.:grin:

Could you contact me with Xmesh guy? I don’t remember his alias from support days long time ago :slight_smile:



I’m totally OK with getting a compile first and get FumeFX support later.
I don’t see move up to FumeFX 5 anytime soon because of various issues.


Hi everyone,

Krakatoa 2.9.0 was released yesterday. It adds support for 3ds Max 2020 and FumeFX 5.

It’s available from the download site, but requires a new 2.9 license, so you will need to contact sales to get that created (


Great News! I hope it will get back to normal here - as it was 4 years ago… :slight_smile: Xmesh Loader is needed really hard now…

your customer,