Any way to instance Magma modifiers in Maya?


Hello again,

Since I have more experience with Krakatoa in 3DS Max I have another couple questions regarding Krakatoa in Maya:

In 3DS Max I really liked being able to instance Magma modifiers on multiple objects. This way if I created a custom magma flow on multiple objects I only have to edit it once and the other objects would all have their Magma modifiers update accordingly. I am trying to to this in Maya but I cannot figure out a way to instance the Magma modifiers. Is this even possible in Maya? I am aware that I can save out Magma preset flows and load them back in. This helps, but I’d really like to be able to alter one Magma flow and have all of the instanced copies update automatically.

Also, this may be more of a Maya question but I also cannot figure out how to increase the number of decimal fields in a float value in the Magma flow editor. Do you know how to do this in Krakatoa’s Magma editor in Maya? (see attached screen grab) I know Maya allows the user to change an object’s decimal precision in the Channel Box but if I change this it has no effect on the number of decimal fields in the Magma flow. Is there a way to do this that I am missing?

Thanks again for the help!


Unfortunately, Magma is an actual node in the Maya scene graph that is connected to the input object. The way the connections work, we can’t instance the Magma nodes in the same way 3dsmax does it.

Also, as far as the decimal display goes. I’ll take a look at the code, maybe we can fix it.


OK, I was afraid that there was no way to instance the modifiers. Thanks for your help and quick reply!