Assign Unique id to batch jobs


Hello there,

I noticed in Deadline 10 that when a user submits a batch job the actual batch job has no unique id. It is just . Is there a way of assigning an id to the batch job as well?
the problem is when a batch job has multiple tasks under it. If a lot of them fail then it becomes very cumbersome to track down all the tasks.

I’d like to have a way of searching for the parent batch job by id and then have all the tasks visible on one search only.

Any ways of achieving that?

Thank you


Hello Panayiots,

can you clarify what you mean by a batch job?


Yes let me give you an example.

we have a job that is splitting a sequence in maya into shots. So for example a person has the whole sequence loaded into maya (ex. SEQ 200 which has 5 shots inside). When we submit this job it runs as a batch job. Meaning the SPLIT job contains below it multiple tasks (in this case 5 tasks which are the shots). Now each individual task has a job id, but the group that contains all these tasks doesn’t have a JobId. when I go to check the id it just shows it as but no actual ID is assigned to the whole group of tasks. Only to the individual tasks


My understanding is that the Batch grouping isn’t, itself, anything. You can just write the name of a batch group in one or more jobs and then it appears in Monitor, purely as a visual tool - it has, itself, no actual properties or anything.

Of course if you have a custom submitter (and it sounds like maybe you do, though I’m unfamiliar with Maya’s submitter so I don’t know if the functionality you’re describing exists out of the box), what you might consider doing is simply having a UID created as part of the batch name, thus enabling you to quickly filter based on that in Monitor. So if before the batch group was called “SEQ200”, now have it called “SEQ200 - 88ff472c46aa110e” or something.


Similar to what @Dan_Grover is suggesting.

The Batch name in a job is just used for displaying groups of jobs in the monitor, thou in stead of adding a uuid to the batch name, i would use one of the Extra info fields to contain this information. That way you could easily create custom filters where you lookup up that extra info key directly.

@Panayiotis, what farm software are you coming from? It might help so we can translate the nomenclature . It is a little confusing to help , as your using keywords used in deadline for different things.

Is the point of the exercise to do something once all the jobs and tasks of a given collection (Batch name) of jobs to the trigger another process, either email or tell another piece of automation or PMS to do something?


Hello, I am coming from Qube so I am sorry if i sound a it confusing.

The goal for me is just readability. If i have a group of tasks lets say 50 tasks rendering and 20 of them fail, i get 20 failed emails for each task. So i will either have to go and search for each task separately, or write the whole name of the batch job so I can see all the things that are running under it. What I would like is something like this.

A task fails. I get the email from deadline notifying me of that. but in the email details I want to be able to get the batch job id, or for better phrasing an ID that is attached to the container of those tasks. So I can just pop that in and immediately get all the jobs that are linked to that group/container