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Avid DNxHR support

Hi there,

not sure if this was listed somewhere but a search delivered no results.

Does DRAFT support DNxHR yet or are you planning to include it into the ProCodec pack?
It would definitely help us a lot to have dailies in 4K.



Hi Timor,

Unfortunately, Draft does not support DNxHR yet. I’m putting this right away on our Draft wish list. At this point, I would say this codec should be included into the ProCodec pack.

Thanks for letting us know your interest for this codec.

Kind regards,


Thank you, appreciated!


We would also appreciate adding support for this codec.
Please do!

Your +1 was added to our wish list.



Hi there,

any progress on this?

We are currently working on a VR project where 4k dailies are mandatory, and H264 does not really cut it (it also does not “cut” well in editorial…)


Hi Timor!

Unfortunately, there’s no progress for DNxHR. But thanks for pinging us about it! It’s very important for us to know what our users need. I will add another +1.

On the other hand, I know that Apple is currently studying our proposal for ProRes. If I remember correctly, you were also interested in that one… They said we need to be patient since it’s a long process. I just wanted to let you know that some progress have been made…

Thanks for your interest!


Hey Julie,

thanks for looking into DNxHR again, I am sure everyone with an Avid editorial would greatly appreciate support for this codec.

Awesome news with ProRes, I have my thumbs pressed that it working out, I am only waiting since three years for this to happen!!!


Thanks for your patience Timor! Hopefully, I will have great news about ProRes soon.

Have a great day!


Any news about Prores or DNxHR support?

This is still very much on our radar, but we don’t have any news. I’ll be sure to post here when we do!

+1 please!

Looking For DNxHR support for draft, i can see that DNxHD is supported now.
If it helps anything, Internally we are using ffmpeg-20180912-0caa33c, using the dnxhd vcodec with a profile:v of dnxhr_444.


Hey Kym,

thanks for the info.
Just to clarify: You got DNxHR to work using FFMpeg and not Draft?

Getting DNxHR support would be tremendously helpful for our entire workflow (HD is heavily crippeling the editorial workflow, especially with VR workflows).


Hey Timor,

Yes, we currently use ffmpeg to create our dnxhr files in our pipeline.
I haven’t tired the ffmpeg job type in deadline, we submit our ffmpeg jobs as a python job.

In a nutshell , this is a good place to start:

Hope that helps.

People have also just created Draft templates that popen() ffmpeg but still leverage the integration we have. I’m not sure of the legality of this, so I don’t recommend it.

As DNxHR is still very much needed for the pipeline I would love to hear why it is not possible to get that inside DRAFT?
We are paying for the ProCodec and thus there must be a licensing agreement with Avid.
What stops you from adding DNxHR to this license and ship it with the ProCodec pack?

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That’s a fair question. I’ve added it as a talking point for the right meeting next week.

Thank you, appreciated!

I’ll add a +1 to this request from 2015 as well! Any update on this feature? I’m starting to see it pop up more and being able to use Draft to make our DNxHR deliverables would be great!

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