AWS Portal infrastructure status stack mismatch

Just getting up and running with AWS Portal etc for the first time and noticing a mismtach between the stack status in the monitor AWS portal and the AWS Cloudformation console.

I click create “Create Infrastructure-Launch” and see “Create in Progress” for 5 mins or so, however it then changes to “Delete in progress”. The weird thing is that if I go to the stack in the AWS console the status is CREATE_COMPLETE and I can see the Gateway instance is up and running. Following this I delete the stack in the AWS console to avoid wasted costs.

Looking in the awsportallink_startup and awsportallink_GetTunnelParams logs the only recent warnings I can see are these:


And the only other thing I noticed was a Warning in monitor:

What’s the next best step in debugging this?

Edit: Just realised the repo isn’t the latest, will update tomorrow in case this helps

Deadline Client Version: Release (c7fafb65b)
FranticX Client Version: Release (a9285251c)
License Mode: Standard
Repository Version: (aef12032d)
Integration Version: (aef12032d)


Updated the repository to the latest version and I am no longer having this issue.

Ah! Good stuff. There are quite a few nice little AWS Portal fixes in SP16 as well: … notes.html

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