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Basic Config issue: Mac Daemon

Hi I am a new user setting up a render farm and am having basic configuration issues right out of the gate. I have DeadlineRepository on a remote smb share and DB set up on another Mac and I have 3 workers, all Macs. When I install as a daemon, it installs fine, but noticed in Monitor the workers are offline. This is the error I get from the worker logs:
ERROR: DataController threw a configuration exception during initialization: Could not read the connection.ini for the given repository path “/Volumes/XXX/DeadlineRepository” because:
2022-09-13 14:27:26: Access to the path ‘/Volumes/XXX/DeadlineRepository/settings/connection.ini’ is denied. (System.UnauthorizedAccessException) (Deadline.Configuration.DeadlineConfigException)

If i don’t run as a daemon just as a worker it works fine. Any ideas? Thanks for the assistance and sorry if there is somewhere else to find this info!


A couple of things to check:

Does the account (which the daemon is running as) have access to /Volumes/XXX/DeadlineRepository/settings/connection.ini?

The file should be world readable (644) at least. Or maybe that account doesn’t have (network or share) access?

I got it to work by allowing bash full disk access.

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