Best practises for edits to Repository scripts - How to track/version/update?


I was wondering if there are general best practises in regards to hacking the deadline repository scripts?

I have had to hack the submitter for nuke to include the current NUKE_PATH env variables (would be nice to get this an a checkbox option in the submitter as standard).
And obviously there are some custom sanity checks and some other hacks and edits.

How would one keep these save from being overwritten on repository update?
And do you recommend githubbing the submission part of the repository?
How do others do these things?

Thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:


Hey RicardoMusch,

I would recommend getting familiar with the Scripting Overview article from the Deadline Documentation. One of the first sections details the usages of the custom repository directory to store custom or modified script files related to deadline.

It’s not required to git track the custom directory or repo, but can make it easier for collaborating. I do it for my own sanity. For my git workflow, in addition to tracking the entire custom directory, I only track the specific submission and plugin repo directories I’ve copied/modified to the custom directory. This way I can diff changes to the vanilla deadline scripts after an update and apply them to the modified ones. Hope this makes sense.

Not sure if you saw this thread, but there are a couple of development practices described there as well as well as some recommends on which directories to track.

Hope this helps!



Thats really helpfull!

The custom directory had slipped into the back of my mind for some reason, great, its exactly what I need :slight_smile:


1000% second @chitty’s recommendation for tracking the original plugin/whatever code you’ve based your modifications on. Diffing between custom code and whatever Deadline released with the new version you’re trying to install, is gray hair central