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Blender 4.1 submission error

Good Morning,

I am currently attempting to get the Deadline submitter functioning with Blender 4.1. I can’t find a supported Blender version list anywhere so I am not sure if it even works but I figured I would post the error I am getting just in case anyone has any info. I got the plugin to install, but when I hit submit, I get the following error:

If anyone has any info, that would be great. Thanks-

It’s not supported, but I’m surprised how this is breaking. What’s the version of Deadline you’re running? Is this or something else?

Currently running

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It looks like you’ve got a “ó” character in your output path and code is choking on it.

Could you put in the whole stack trace? I’m not sure where the issue is starting, but there are some other failing imports that shouldn’t be dying on us as well.

As a separate test, if you go in the Monitor on this machine and try to submit with the same settings using Submit-> 3D - > Blender how does it behave? You won’t be able to pick 4.1 as the version, but this is blowing up before it makes it to Blender.

Here is the full list, the top portion is when I try to use the plugin the first time, the second one is if I press it a second time. Similar errors with slight difference.

If I use the manual submission from Monitor itll see all the Blender files and submit them. I also manually added the 4.1 .exe to the plguin area.


What if you run this in a command prompt on the machine:

"%deadline_path%"\deadlinecommand -executescript "I:/DeadlineRepository10/scripts/Submission/"

The only difference between opening the submitter via the Monitor and in Blender itself is that in the latter route the scene file, frame range, output path, thread count and operating system fields are filled in for you. Otherwise it’s the same script both times.

Also, did you have a “ó” character in your output path?

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